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Iridescent Blue Seed Pot


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Sculptor, musician, jeweler, and blown glass artist, Adrian has created a gorgeous seed pot that seems magical. Like a giant bubble, blown by a heavenly spirit, this beautiful piece looks as evanescent as air, but is actually quite solid.

Purples, pinks and teal flicker through the rich royal blue, like the northern lights. The piece is both as reflective as a mirror and also embellished with large, matte curlicues and other watery symbols. More symbols  are lightly etched, in-between, such as the spirals of water, zig-zags that are signs of lightning, tiny dots that stand for raindrops, and little crosses that refer both to stars and the four corners of the earth – where it is hoped, the blessings of water, in all its guises, might spread.

The form of the piece is a seed pot, as seen in the small opening. Therefore, the watery designs are linked to the hope for a good harvest, leading to wintering over many seeds for the next year.

With its other-worldly, breathtaking aura of delicate splendor, this glass olla is a remarkable blend of traditional form and symbolism, executed in a totally contemporary medium. Can you imagine this in front of your window?!

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3 1/4" high x 6 3/4" diameter