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Intricately Painted Wedding Vase


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This finely formed wedding vase is covered with exquisitely detailed painting. It is the co-production of a younger husband/wife team – very appropriate for a wedding vase! – who sign their work B J Toya. He forms the pots; she does the painting.The intricate designs include cornstalks, feathers, rain signs, petal designs, and more. They are all traditional, good-luck Pueblo designs adroitly combined in a very personal way. Ben has created a lovely, well-proportioned shape for the piece. Janice is such an excellent painter, that even the handle is decorated – inside and out! The graceful curves of the form are subtly echoed in the complex design, making for a very graceful piece.We include a description of the role of the wedding vase in Pueblo ceremonies, written by a Santa Clara potter.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigment

Width: 7″ Height: 12 3/8″ Depth: 5 1/2″