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Intricately Inlaid Link Bracelet


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A meticulous artist who produces relatively few pieces, he creates marvels of inlay that are also rare in their precision, beauty, comfort, and overall quality.The remarkable workmanship exhibited in this brilliant link bracelet is stunning: each tiny piece of a natural stone or shell is beveled, cut, shaped and set individually. A variety of designs, some inspired by Navajo rugs, some more like Pueblo pottery motifs, but all traditional, are immaculately delineated in natural jet, inlaid into a different stone in each link. Delicate mother of pearl, in two hues – pink and yellow – shimmer beneath the black, geometric inlaid designs. Dark red natural coral, richly figured, green malachite, and vivid, sky blue turquoise provide a more robust palette, while creamy yellow melon shell bookends the other links, and echoes the yellow mother of pearl. Each link is related to the others by the bold black jet designs. Substantial hand made silver hinges contribute to the design, as well as to function. Each link is ergonomically curved to nestle around the wrist.This is the epitome of masterful design, workmanship and wearability. Seemingly understated, the vibrancy of the stones and the intricacy of the work nevertheless create a powerful impact. Like all of this extraordinary artist’s work, this is museum-worthy jewelry; certain to be a cherished heirloom, yet wearable enough to be enjoyed every day, until then.

Sterling Silver, Jet, Yellow Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, Malachite, Red Coral, Melon Shell, Pink Mother of Pearl