Intricate Cuff with Large Turquoise


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This young jeweler is new to us, but fast becoming a favorite. His father, Gene, is well-known for his vintage designs, and was Gabe’s main teacher.

Looking at this magnificent bracelet, it is apparent that he has learned all he needs to know!

The superb, natural Royston turquoise is unusually thick and large, boasting a beautiful, clear blue-green hue, with toast matrix.

It sits high and splendid, in the center of this wide cuff, surrounded by silver work that is just as jaw-dropping.

Moreover, the silver is ingot silver: pounded into shape from a brick of sterling silver, not a sheet.

The heavy gauge of the silver is shaped, stamped, and embellished in a marvelously original design.

It looks like two bracelets have been intertwined, with the stone joining the separate bands.

In reality, it is one, spectacular cuff, masterfully fabricated by hand to give that illusion.

One half of the border is cut into scallops, and stamped to follow the shape.

The other half is deeply chiseled, smooth, and delicately stamped, in a matching design to the other half, at the end.

Tapered and curved bands, in between, are deeply stamped with three different patterns.

These add to the propulsive energy of the design, aided by the diagonal lines of robust, fluted, half beads that also follow the arc of the design.

Little polished domes, and tiny fluted beads, surround the astounding turquoise.

Gorgeously opulent, yet harmonious, this is a bracelet that will attract amazed attention.

Lucky you, who have a larger wrist; you can own this younger artist’s remarkable work, before his star soars even higher.


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