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Interplanetary Silver Beads


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One of the most highly reputed and honored jewelers, Al Joe is celebrated for his incredibly perfect silver work, and the elegant perfection of his designs.

You can see both in this seemingly simple choker. The combination of larger, globular beads and smaller, flattened beads makes this piece more than “traditional”, although the workmanship is entirely by hand. The large beads and little “ufo”-shaped beads look like spacecraft floating by planets, moons or other-worldly suns. The size and shape differences create a beautiful, subtly intriguing design.

This necklace is that indispensable wear-it-all-the-time piece. Less formal than pearls, it is nevertheless ladylike, but silver can go where more “precious” materials dare not. Put this on every day; whether going to work, to the library, lunch, the supermarket, or out to dinner and the theater. Admiration will follow.


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Length: 17 1/2"

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