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Interchangeable Bolo Set


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This is a complete bolo wardrobe in one ! Henry Rosetta was a very creative artist who kept to tradition, shied away from publicity, and came up with this why-hasn’t-anyone-thought-of-this-before? idea. This ingenious design incorporates a week’s worth of different bolos. Changing the stone to match different colors is practically effortless: Tired of turquoise? Just slide out that component and slide in another stone. Each of the six fit exactly. We show one photo very close in, but at a normal distance and size, no one would guess that any one of the choices is not THE bolo. From darkly regal purple sugilite, paired with misty Peruvian opal, to Henry’s much-loved, colorful pot-pourri of heishi slivers, and with elegant black jet, bright blue turquoise, and luminous larimar waiting their turn, you can match or coordinate with every wardrobe choice. There is even an all-silver insert, for a more neutral look. The tips feature one little oval of inlaid mixed heishi, and one oval of blue turquoise. Between the two, every insert will coordinate seamlessly. What a bargain – 6 bolos, and unique tips, all for one price! Do the arithmetic; it comes out to be very reasonable. If you travel, this is a a real boon: one little package; a trip’s worth of stunning jewelry.As you may know, we were sad to report that this dear old friend passed away recently, so there will be no more of these ingenious interchangeable bolos. Or rings, or pendants.

Sterling Silver, Larimar, Sugilite, Peruvian Opal, Natural Turquoise, Black Jet, Multi-Stones, Leather

Leather Cord is 50″ Width: 1 7/8″ Height: 3 1/4″