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Inquiring Bear Fetish


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This is one of the most adorable, winsome bear fetish/sculptures we’ve seen! This young artist’s innovative style creates expressive carvings of enormous charm.

This bear must be a cub, with his pudgy proportions, endearingly questioning look, and fat paws.

Vanilla in hue, the stone suggests a polar bear. The material is calcite, a very varied, crystalline mineral found all over the world.

This particular piece of calcite looks a bit like marble, or even an opaque alabaster.

Bears are Protective Animals of the West, according to Zuni lore. They protect, and also pass on their hunting and survival skills.

In this carving, it is all about the wonderful posture: crouched, looking up, bemused and confused.

You just want to cuddle and protect him, instead of the other way around!

The expression is priceless, and unusual to find in a fetish carving. This is more than a fetish, it is a small sculpture.

Not really abstract, but not richly detailed, either, this carving is a marvelous compromise between the two styles.

This finely carved Protector-in-Training will bring smiles and warm feelings every day, as he gazes sweetly from shelf, mantel, or table.

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