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“Inner/Outer Planetary Manned Cruiser”


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Yes, this astounding piece is all of the above: jewelry, sculpture, toy, and – above all – another marvel of imagination, creativity, and expertise from this one-of-a-kind artist. When not tending his mother’s sheep, or working with film crews, out in Monument Valley, this charmingly modest man creates complex, precisely executed, truly unique jewelry. His imagination runs unfettered, in those wide open spaces, it seems!

This piece, and Roland, himself, have been featured in a documentary film marketing New Mexico. Here, we see the “SS Proud Mary”, a spaceship adorned with a sensual mermaid at the front, hair floating gracefully above equally graceful copper waves. She holds a perfectly formed tiny trident, sign of Neptune, god of the oceans. The “manned cruiser” exhibits stamped dots, that represent rivets in the various parts of the ship. A silver and copper plaque on one side identifies the craft, and, in the center, the cockpit hatch actually opens. Silver fins (ailerons?) extend on either side and at the back of the spacecraft. Notice how the forked shapes at the back echo the forms of the copper ocean and mermaid’s hair, at the front. A 14-karat gold “headlight” finishes the nose of the ship.

On the reverse side, there are three tiny wheels, that allow you to scoot the spacecraft along, like a super-elegant Matchbox car, if you feel bored – or playful.Amazing piece, but it is also a pendant, right? Here is how it transforms from sculpture/toy to pendant: The copper exhaust pipes at the rear are hollow – as is the the body of the piece – so you thread your chain or narrow cord through one pipe and out the other! Roland

Brady’s workmanship equals his prodigious imagination; every bit or this incredible piece is cleanly, flawlessly, beautifully, hand fabricated. It was assembled little piece by little piece, with creativity, wit and supreme skill. We have never seen another artist make pieces like Roland Brady’s. His work, especially this piece, is the very definition of unique, and surely destined for museum collections in the future. Enjoy this now, and be the proud donor sometime in the future.

Sterling Silver, Copper, 14k Gold

Pendant/Sculpture/Fully Operational Toy Width: 2 1/8″ Height: 2 3/4″ Depth: 3/4″

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