Inlaid Yei Pendant

Wes Willie


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Wes Willie showcases as one of the premier contemporary jewelers of today. Using natural turquoise, stones, and precious metals, he has taken home 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons in two different categories at the Santa Fe Indian Market.

Known for his amazing inlay, his stunning use of color, and the high quality of his work, Wes is a master of the art form and continues to create extraordinary pieces of jewelry for collectors around the world.

In this Inlaid Yei Pendant, Wes has combined Mediterranean coral in a rich red hue with deep blue lapis, stunningly bright, natural turquoise, shimmering mother of pearl, and subtle touches of black jet – a color combination that we see repeated in his work.

Silver channels separate some of the stones, allowing the vibrant colors to shine against one another.

In Navajo mythology, the Yei spirits mediated between the Great Spirit and humans (the name Yei derives from Yeibicheii, meaning the Holy People.) This Yei figure could be either male or female (males traditionally have rounded heads while females have square heads – the shape of this one seems to be a combination of both).  Red typically symbolizes the earth, while blue and turquoise represent the sky and the water, so this beautiful pendant is a prayer or blessing for the earth.

With clean silverwork surrounding the impressive stones, this pendant is sleek and attractive, a beautiful addition to (or the start of) any collection!

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