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Inlaid Yei Hoops


Oval tops inlaid with micro-mosaic Yei heads, with slender silver hoops dangling from them.

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With a piece by the Clarks, you own an exquisite example of the lapidary art and a piece of jewelry history. They have been cited as the “best jewelers ever” by a respected reference work, and their astounding micro-mosaic inlaid pieces are featured in just about every book on contemporary Native jewelry. These marvelous earrings are a little more relaxed, a little less serious, than some of their other work but just as incredibly executed.

The little oval top is encased in sterling silver, which holds a colorful Yei head in mostly turquoise. The eyes and mouth are jet, as are the angled feathers that stand out from the head, and – astonishingly – tiny lines between the mother of pearl breastplate. These are no thicker than a hair; some even less! Other stones are lapis and red coral. The turquoise is far from monolithic: the background and the face are composed of dozens of minuscule pieces. All the materials are natural.

Rounded, glistening silver hoops dangle merrily from these marvels of the jeweler’s art, giving the earrings a more casual, flirty aspect than you usually see in the Clarks’ jewelry. These are museum-worthy, just like all the pieces by this amazing duo, but they amortize in a jiffy because you can wear them every day, with both casual and business wear. Colorful, flattering, and works of art, too.

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Coral, Jet, Mother of Pearl, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


1 5/8" long x 1" diameter (hoops), Tops are 5/8" long x 3/8" wide