Inlaid Yei Figure Bolo Tie

Herbert Ration


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We’ve all enjoyed Herbert Ration’s handsome, well-made, and colorful bug pins; here is another side to this accomplished artist.

Herbert doesn’t often bring in a bolo tie, though we think you’ll agree that this one is over-the-top gorgeous!

The bolo is representative of a female Yei figure (Yei is derived from the term Yeibicheii meaning Holy People), which is evident from the square head. In Navajo mythology, the rainbow is the path of these Holy People, and Herbert has done a phenomenal job of incorporating the rainbow into this fantastic bolo.

The silver has been oxidized and polished to a soft pewter gleam, but the inlaid stones are the star attraction! The head of the figure is made from a beautiful piece of Bumblebee jasper, the bright yellows, and golds a beautiful contrast to the satiny patina of the silver.  On either side of the head are two turquoise dots, but the body is the real masterpiece.

Hand-cut pieces of sugilite, Mediterranean coral, lapis, pink coral, natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise, and black jet are stacked, separated by thin lines of silver – a physical representation of the Yei’s rainbow.  These stones are set in a simple, handmade bezel which is surrounded by twist wire made by the artist.  Stamped “arms” adorn either side of the body, and atop the head is a beautifully oxidized headdress.

The tips are also hand-fabricated from sterling silver, and each has a circle of suns stamped around the barrel.

Each element is carefully and expertly fabricated, and the variety of colors in the natural stones and coral creates a versatile palette that will go with just about everything!

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Bolo Tip Length

3 1/8"


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