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Inlaid Wave Band


Ergonomically shaped “wave” of silver, inlaid almost all around with various stones.

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Catch this wave! A sinuous curl of sterling silver, inlaid with a brilliant mix of multi-colored stones, Ergonomic in form, it fits snugly around your finger, to look and feel terrific.

Like some other female jewelers, Ophelia’s husband, Ted Draper Jr., is an outstanding jeweler, as well. Do these ladies have to create their own jewelry, if they want to spend time with their husbands? Or, maybe it is just natural selection; creatives choose creatives. We are all thankful for their talent and work.

Whatever, we are glad to see another gifted and creative woman making beautiful jewelry, like this ring. Happy, bright colors, from mother of pearl to darkest purple sugilite, form a vivacious band around the curvy silver. Obviously, it will spark any color in your wardrobe, beautifully. The unusual shape is flattering, as well as comfy, and will attract admiration.

The artist has left a little room at the back, so this ring can be sized up or down, a bit. Women are practical!


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Multiple Stones, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

8 1/2


3/8" wide