Inlaid Watch Band


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Exceptional workmanship, superb stones and abstract design are what this award-winner is known for. Leo’s eye for elegance, and his exceptional skill, transmute traditional materials and designs into modern art.

His designs are often inspired by his family’s rug weavings as seen in the overlay borders here. The overlay design and subtle contrast of gold on silver add visual interest to the oblong of inlaid stones. The quality of the natural stones matches his skill: the turquoise is rich in color, with subtle variations; the lapis and vivid red coral accents are bold contrasts. The inlay is flawless; smooth as glass.

The pieces are curved, to fit comfortably on the arm.The expansion band stretches to fit, of course, and most watches are easily fitted to the band. Choose a watch that equals the casual elegance of this band!


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Coral, Natural Lapis, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


each end is 7/8" wide, Total Length is 5 1/4", Unexpanded