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Inlaid Variscite and Silver Earrings


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Well-made earrings, stunning in their simplicity, size and intriguing choice of stone inlay.

These are extremely handsome; the asymmetrical design, straighter on one side than the other, follows the natural shape of the ear, making these wonderfully flattering to wear.

The silver is smooth as satin and even glossier. There is a slight curve to the bottom, which increases the reflection of light.

A fan of chiseled lines falls from the horizontal bar at the center, adding just enough texture. These might symbolize rainfall, that most treasured blessing in the high desert.

The raised horizontal bar is inlaid with natural variscite, sometimes misnomered New Landers turquoise.

The stormy blues of the dense matrix, with dabs of pale blue and green showing up here and there, are both a nice symbol for stormy skies and a sophisticated look.

Well made, with good looks, good design, and budget-priced – what’s not to love?!

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Natural Variscite, Sterling Silver


2" L x 1 1/8" W