Inlaid Turquoise Watch Cuff


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A clever, handsome, and useful blend of watch and bracelet,.

This sort of watch bracelet used to be all the rage – about 40 years ago, or more – and deserves to be enjoyed again.

We unearthed it from the depths of our drawers and boxes, and present it here, waiting to be admired once again as it should be.

Inlaid in sterling silver, the eight, curved rectangles of natural, Morenci turquoise are separated by silver channels.

The inlay is so expert, that the luscious, blue stones feel like satin, when you run a finger over them; just a smooth, even surface.

The blue Morenci turquoise is punctuated with matrix of gleaming pyrite – fool’s gold – and there is a slight variety of hue, which adds to the beauty of the piece.

Although all the stones are natural, some were harder than others, so there is a subtle difference of hue in a couple of the stones, after all these years.

Simple stamping along the silver edges of the bracelet keeps the spotlight on the glorious turquoise.

There is a broad area waiting for your watch, in the center.

Our resident Master Jeweler, Alvin Vandever, says he can probably retro-fit this part, to fit whatever watch you want to insert.

So, hustle over here with your favorite watch, and have it put in a setting worthy of it.

Do not hesitate: where can you find masterfully inlaid, first-quality, splendid, natural Morenci turquoise in a handmade bracelet at this 40-odd-year-old price?



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Natural Morenci Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 3/4"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

6 3/4"