Inlaid Turquoise “Pony Cuff”


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Lonn Parker is a self-taught, award-winning artist who started making jewelry when he was eleven years old.

He uses only natural, gem-quality stones in his designs, which often feature overlay or tufa casting.

This beautiful cuff is his famous “pony hoof” design, shaped like a horse’s hoof print.

It combines satin-smooth inlay on the narrow edge, and tufa-cast ancient symbols on the broadside.

At the top, radiantly blue, natural Morenci turquoise is inlaid in a graduated pattern of rectangles, with the narrowest pieces at each end.

Silver channels separate each of the individually inlaid turquoise rectangles.

The wide, silver side of the bracelet is tufa cast, covered with amazingly delicate and precise petroglyph symbols that are raised above the base, and polished.

Water spirals, a hand of blessing and protection, mountain goats, and various horned spirit figures, are accompanied by human forms, a wavy line referring to flowing water, stars, and tiny crosses.

The little crosses symbolize the four corners of the world, where the blessings of water and successful hunting are meant to extend.

With vibrant turquoise and a dainty but powerful design on the silver, this cuff combines ancient blessings with a modern look.

The workmanship is flawless, the design is creative, and the turquoise is magnificent; the whole bracelet is a treasure of current Navajo jewelry-making.

Note: the cuff is a round form, so it will feel large on a flat wrist.

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