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Inlaid Turquoise Pendant


Organic triangle with centered turquoise -hued turquoise,surrounded by inlaid slivers of multi-stones. Set in silver.

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Quietly innovative, Henry sounded no drums or bugles about himself, but steadily turned out interesting pieces in a variety of styles and media. And his work won prizes, too! Sadly, there will be no more, as this long-time friend passed away recently. This intriguing pin/pendant combines a border of inlaid slivers of various stones, and a mellow turquoise that inspired the rounded, irregular form of the piece.

Turquoise lights up every complexion and outfit.  This turquoise is a true turquoise in hue – neither blue nor green. The slivers of mother of pearl, turquoise, pipestone, shell and lapis, are a tribute to the heishi beads his pueblo is famous for. Instead of cutting into squares, drilling holes, and sanding them into cylinders, these materials have been inlaid in strips. An example of the artist’s creativity.

Not only striking in looks, the pendant is well-made, with an artist’s eye. With its silver shepherd’s hook, it is equally attractive on a choker, chain, beads, or heishi – even pinned onto a blazer’s lapel. it is a quiet attention-getter, and unique in style. Now, it will be truly one of a kind, forever.

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Lapis, Mother of Pearl, Pipestone, Shell, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


1 3/8" long x 1" wide x 1/4" thick