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Inlaid Turquoise and Silver Cuff


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Vernon is best known for very personal designs featuring fine, natural stones and inlay, often in “more is more” designs.

Here, this perennial award-winning jeweler has fashioned a handsome bracelet that is simpler.

Simpler, but with dramatic texture, color, and asymmetrical decoration, resulting in a satisfyingly unusual, yet wearable, piece.

With a pointillist texture, resulting from stabbing with a pointed tool, the silver is also overlaid so that the robust spirals are emphasized by the darkened base.

The edges of the cuff are left almost plain, so they shimmer in contrast with the darkened staccato lines, and occasional crosses, that embellish them.

Spirals are ancient symbols for rivers, as well as the flow of life; the lines seem to represent land or the blessings of water flowing to all four geographic directions.

The pock-marked texture of the broad silver cuff might refer to raindrops hitting the land, or to land itself.

The eye is inevitably drawn to the beautiful, large and high-set turquoise, placed asymmetrically to one side of the center.

A gorgeous rich teal, it has an emphatic spiderweb matrix and is inlaid with two triangles of contrasting stones: a natural red coral, and deep blue lapis.

Again, the symbolism seems to incorporate the blue of water with the red of the land, leading to a balance of nature which is the Navajo spiritual ideal.

The inlaid turquoise is held snugly, and high above the overlaid silver surface, by a substantial toothed silver bezel.

This inlaid stone is not only splendid but reinforces the symbolism of the entire piece.

Flawlessly hand fabricated, of course, this marvelous bracelet is entrancing, as is all Vernon’s work, yet more understated than some.

Eminently wearable, it still proclaims the very personal, modern style of this masterful, renowned jeweler.

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Inlaid Lapis, Inlaid Natural Red Coral, Natural Spiderweb Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 3/8" + 1 1/8" gap | 6 1/2" all around


The stone is 3/4"W x 1" L, 1 3/8" W