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Inlaid Teardrop Hoops


Elongated oval hoops, inlaid with multi-colored stones in sterling silver.

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A sister of jeweler Franklin Carrillo, renowned for his brilliantly hued, inlaid pieces, this gifted jewelry artist brings her own, more lyrical style to her art. She devotes most of her time to family, and community, so her output is extremely limited. So, we are delighted to get a new piece – especially as slinkily special as these hoops.

Sterling silver is formed into a graceful oval with gleaming edges and an inlaid jet, reverse oval top. The silver is boxed, and the outer edge is inlayed in a multicolored patchwork of stones: turquoise, spiny oyster shell, coral, pipestone, serpentine, sugilite, lapis, jet, and more. Silky to the touch, the meticulous inlay work has random little channels of silver, adding some gleam to this side, also. Notice that the tops are jet, and the first stone below it, in the hoop, is also jet; a subtle touch of artistry that anchors the various other colors.

More interesting than the usual circular hoops, this beautifully tapered shape is arresting, and kind of sexy – in a ladylike way. Unexpected in form, understated in colors, and intriguingly noticeable, these hoops are for those who know how to make a sophisticated statement – even when wearing a tee or pullover.

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Multiple Stones, Sterling Silver


2 3/4"


1 1/8"