Inlaid Sunface Bracelet


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Graphic contrasts of black jet, red coral and brilliant sky blue turquoise are animated by glittering silver channels and edges.

This lovely bracelet is by a veteran of over 40 years’ experience in inlay work, and experience shows.

The intricate inlay work is petite and precise; the silver work at the ends is novel, and just as precise.

Beside the raised, inlaid, Sunface, the inlaid stones are flush with the silver base.

At the sides, two silver bars are joined by a series of silver circles, suggesting raindrops.

Combining sun and water symbols equals Nature in balance, resulting in thriving crops, a plentiful harvest and health, happiness and prosperity.

Traditional in materials, colors and the Sunface design, the bracelet lends its colorful appearance to spark everyday wear- every day of every year.

Good luck is also good-looking, in this beautiful bracelet.

PS The photographer didn’t realize the bracelet was upside-down, when he shot it!

Additional information


Sterling Silver I Natural Turquoise I Red Coral I and Jet

Cuff Size


Gap Size

1 3/8"

Wrist Size

6 3/8"


1/2" at center I 1/4" at sides