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Inlaid Sugilite Ring


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Royal purple sugilite is rare and costly. Thankfully for us with regal taste and peasant budgets, this accomplished jeweler has inlaid little pieces of this luscious stone in sterling silver, at a price point we can relate to! Set in a delicate curve, the little squares are separated by sterling silver channels, which really highlight the dark beauty of the stones. The delicate silver wire shank adds further glitter, as well as comfort – the space between the wires allow air to circulate around the finger. Dainty in looks only, this charming ring is well-made by this highly reputed artist, a veteran of over 30 years of Zuni inlaid jewelry. Love sugilite? You’ll love this ring.Love this on its own, or stack it with one or more of the other, colorful inlaid bands, by the same artist, here on our website.

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Sugilite, Sterling Silver

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