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Inlaid Stripe Posts


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A creative young jeweler from Zuni, Shawn is always interested in new looks, new designs, and new techniques.

One of his popular styles is to inlay narrow bands of stones in sterling, so the pieces look seamlessly striped.

This works handsomely in his spiral dangles; now he has turned that into a more tailored style.

Brilliantly polished silver alternates with deepest purple sugilite, and glimmering black mother of pearl, creating a classic, go-everywhere-anytime look.

Small enough for the most conservative board meeting, but intriguing enough to murmur “chic and stylish”, these are winners in every way.

Wear these little parallelograms as diamond shapes, or turn them at an angle, even completely horizontal.

They are discreetly stunning in avery direction, and the sugilite is so dark, it passes for black, and will go with every color.

Style and workmanship in a small but stunning pair of earrings – at a price to make every financial officer smile!

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3/8" x 3/8"


Purple Sugilite, Sterling Silver