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Inlaid Sting Ray Pendant


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A major award-winning jeweler in the front rank of younger innovators, Lyndon Tsosie is known especially for elaborately decorative inlaid pieces.

In this stunning pendant, he changes direction.

Boldly dramatic in its simplicity, the naturally pebbly texture of the uncommon sting ray showcases the smooth radiance of the gorgeous natural turquoise.

The interplay of forms – rounded, straight, linear (in the fastidiously hand cut edges), – is subtle and harmonious.

The surprise comes when viewed from the side: a band of beautifully inlaid, natural red coral flashes into view.

Together with the luster of the polished silver, the artist has incorporated the four traditional colors of Navajo jewelry: Turquoise for the sky, coral for the land, black for night, and white (or bright silver) for day.

Despite the traditional underpinning, this is definitely a contemporary pendant.

It reflects all the seemingly effortless skill of the artist, as well as his innate artistry.

A jewel of a piece!

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Inlaid Natural Red Coral, Natural Sting Ray, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1 1/4" square, 2 1/4" long including bail, 3/4" deep