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Inlaid Standing Fancy Turtle


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Troy’s favored material is polished antler. Antlers are shed naturally, so they are an ecological choice.

Turtles are among the oldest fetish carvings found, dating back to pre-historic times.

They are both fertility and good luck creatures, since they spawn many eggs, and live in and around water.

Created with all the expertise, experience, humor and artistry of this master of antler carving, this appealing turtle is not only adorable, but fastidiously carved.

Standing sturdily on his back flippers, his carefully realistic little turtle head looks up, serious, but curious, with tiny bright jet eyes.

He holds his front flippers over his segmented tummy, which is also naturalistic.

Dots of inlaid jet indicate his claws, adding contrast and pattern to the creamy antler.

His shell is where to find the design action; each carved segment of his curved shell is punctuated by a little stone.

Vivid with natural red coral and bright blue turquoise, added light comes from unexpected dome-lets of glowing copper.

The turtle’s pointed little tail is visible beneath the shell, as it should be.

Expertly carved, and adorned with vibrant color and warm points of gleaming copper, this turtle is a dashing fellow.

Very turtle-y, and simplified in form, like the fetishes of old, his inlaid splendor is a link from the past to the present.

A wonderful piece of this stellar carver’s work, he is also very accessible.

Add him to your fetish and/or turtle collection, and let him shine.






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Copper, Jet, Natural antler, Natural Red Coral, Turquoise


1 3/8" H x 3/4" W