Inlaid Silver Clay Dangles


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Never content to repeat herself endlessly, this prize-winning artist is a lecturer and teacher of pottery, as well as a working potter.

In recognition of her many activities, Pam Lujan-Hauer has been proclaimed a “Local Treasure”.

Constantly experimenting, she has pushed the boundary of pottery, and now creates jewelry, as well.

She likes to retain tradition in a contemporary way, as in these unique earrings.

The material may be unusual, but the execution is always traditional, from gathering clay, and mixing, coiling, smoothing it, etc.

Always testing expectations, the artist has discovered a means of incorporating sterling silver into the clay.

The delicate fine lines, in the iridescent surface of the earrings, are a lovely example of silver inlay.

There is no “wrong” side to these lightweight, but sturdy earrings, since both sides are inlaid with silver, in different designs.

That golden iridescence is the result of heat.

The intriguing, neutral coloration is perfect for blondes, redheads, and light brunettes – a palette hard to find. It is also a winner with brunettes.

These earrings are super-creative, technically expert, and wonderfully attractive.

Fiercely devoted to continuing tradition in new ways, Pam Lujan-Hauer is indeed, a Local Treasure.

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