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Inlaid Shell Pendant


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This artist is a renowned master of many arts, as well as a noted teacher, leader and activist.

Sometimes, the sign of true mastery is the ability to achieve simplicity. This beautifully simple pendant is a very refined version of an ancient style of jewelry. A hand-polished and de-spined natural spiny oyster shell from the far-off ocean is embellished with a mosaic of turquoise, lapis and clamshell, topped with a gorgeous, natural Bisbee turquoise on the ingenious hook (it hooks onto your collar or necklace from the front!).

Just like age-old, historic jewelry – except for the refinement of technique, finish and embellishment (no plant goo to hold the stones). Consequently, this striking, dramatically handsome pendant has durability as well as wearability, and great allure. A new, ancient classic.

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Lapis, and Shell, Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


3 1/2" long x 3 1/8" wide