Inlaid Serpentine Ring


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A lovely piece by this prolific, widely collected, award-winning, jeweler.

It displays his masterful inlay technique and his wonderful sense of design and proportion.

Although the material inlaid is all the same – natural serpentine – the artist has masterfully arranged the chunks so the natural variations in the stone create a lively pattern of lighter and dark areas.

Serpentine’s lovely moss-green coloration is interspersed with random, dark matrix, which makes an interesting and animated pattern.

The stone is cut into rectangular chunks, that are almost the same depth, so the inlay is neither entirely smooth nor highly raised.

This gives the ring texture, and the straight lines of the cut stones are in counterpoint to the graceful, curved oval of the silver form.

Traditional open bars at the sides of the face allow for air circulation and are then fused into a solid shank, to support the long face of the ring.

Dramatic in size, but discreet in color, and flattering in form, this ring is elegantly unpretentious, thanks to the mellow green of the serpentine, and the restrained silver work.

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Natural Serpentine, Sterling Silver

Ring Size



1 3/4" L x 3/4" W