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Inlaid Rectangular Posts


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Michael Dukepoo learned to inlay from his celebrated jeweler father, Michael Garcia, Na Na Ping.

Mike has become an award-winning jeweler himself, with many happy collectors, so it seems that worked well!

These striking earrings are an example of masterful inlay work, displaying the artist’s contemporary flair.

Luscious. intensely blue, natural turquoise looks like a glimpse of the tropical ocean. Flecks of white matrix give it depth and textural interest.

Below the vibrant natural turquoise lie a piece of glowing, natural red coral and one of deepest purple, natural sugilite.

This is the artist’s contemporary update of the classic trio of coral, turquoise and black jet.

Red and purple are complementary colors, so not only is the combination unexpected, it brings out the hues in each of the stones.

The coral and sugilite are each densely uniform, contrasting beautifully with the lively matrix pattern of the turquoise,

A narrow border of rounded silver frames the vivid stones, adding a bit of gleam to the ensemble, which is classic and beautiful.

Splendid, natural stones, masterfully cut and set by hand, form a tailored, modern pair of earrings that bring tradition into our century.

The artistic imagination of the jeweler, and his eye for quality materials, combined with his consummate skill to create earrings that are timeless and chic, anywhere in the world.

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Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver I Natural Gem Sugilite and Natural Turquoise


1" long x 1/2" wide