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Inlaid Rectangular Link Bracelet


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A native of Laguna Pueblo, this jeweler is noted for sophisticated, contemporary inlaid styles, with brilliant color.

Perfectly hand formed, with marvelously smooth silver work and inlaid stones, this bracelet is beautifully typical.

The satiny smooth, inlaid stones are many and varied, set in mosaic patterns that contrast beautifully with the unembellished planes of glistening silver.

Something like fifteen different stones and shells were cut and set into the boxed silver links!

Each link has a different pattern and group of stones, including one that is simply gold-sprinkled, gorgeous, lapis.

With one exception, all the stones are set into silver channels.

In one link, vivid blue turquoise abuts bright red coral, in a stepped rain pattern, without any channels at all.

Otherwise, the silver filaments bring the polish of the rectangles to the beautifully hued, patterned tops.

Varied, but balanced, the sleek links stand up on your wrist, showing off gleaming silver sides and the intricately inlaid, colorful tops.

With his expected manual and visual skill, this artist has created a memorably striking bracelet.

His signature combination of minimalism and brilliant, mosaic colors is outstanding.

Its suave elegance is as at home with jeans, as with uptown wear. Enjoy the admiring comments!

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Coral, Lapis, Opal, Inlaid Natural Sugilite, Mother of Pearl, Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver

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Each Link is < 1/4" W x 3/4" L x 3/8" H