Inlaid Ranger Set


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This handsome design abstracts the inspiration: a Navajo rug pattern (their mother was a rug weaver).

The stepped rain designs are precisely cut out; lovely blue turquoise represents the sky and water; natural coral suggests the red earth of the Navajo land.

Together they symbolize the harmony of nature.

Accents of jet add contrast and are part of the traditional palette.

The use of sharp and curvy lines, polish and contrasting colored stones add to the dynamism of the piece.

Precisely made, with an artistic eye to harmony, balance and visual interest in the design.

Tradition is incorporated in the design elements, but the arrangement of elements results in a handsome, modern look.

This is a compliment magnet, for sure, and a piece of wonderful quality for art lovers, modernists, traditionalists, and all those who appreciate creativity and wearable innovation.


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Inlaid Natural Red Coral, Natural Jet, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


Buckle is 2" L x 1 7/8" H