Inlaid Quail Pin/Pendant

Quintin Quam


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Zuni Pueblo has been famous for fine stone-cutting and inlay for a century. Quintin Quam, of the famous family of fetish carvers, is a contemporary master of inlay. His intricately inlaid birds and flora are amazingly detailed and thoroughly beautiful. Just look at this colorful, detailed scene of quail: one flying off; on standing guard. A happily frequent sight in the high desert of Zuni land, quail are distinctive in silhouette, subtle in coloration, and often amusingly arrayed in procession.

This pair are intricately detailed with meticulous inlay work, but more vividly colored than absolutely naturalistic. The plump form, and curled plume atop the head that is so characteristic of quail, are beautifully shown on both birds. A variety of stones and mother of pearl are inlaid and etched, to depict the bodies, tails and wings. Every tiny piece of stone is smoothly inlaid. A circle of inlaid triangles of mother of pearl, turquoise and coral keeps the quail penned in, while delicate hand stamped scallops form the outer border.

A handsome, richly hued piece. Whether pinned on a lapel or hung from a chain, the marvelously compatible colors and detailed inlay will brighten everything you own, and will attract lots of admiration.

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