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Inlaid Parrot Pin /Pendant


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According to the Zuni origin myth, the People had to choose between two birds’ eggs: one was plain and dun-colored, the other a lovely blue. The first group grabbed the brilliant egg, which turned into a raven, black and white, and symbol of Winter. Left with no choice, the second group received the drab egg. It turned into a gorgeous parrot, symbol of the sun, flowers, and Summer.

This stunningly realistic pin/pendant is a lovely representation of this myth, your own splendid sign of the sun and flowers, bringing eternal summer whenever you wear it.

Dark green malachite, natural red coral, and yellow and white mother of pearl, are all carved into feathery texture. Black jet forms the rounded beak and bright eye, while textured silver forms glittering thread-thin channels.

As gloriously vibrant as a real macaw, this parrot is guaranteed not to bite, make noise, or otherwise spoil its beauty.

Hang it, or pin it, as you wish – this carefully fabricated parrot is just as splendid either way.

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Black Jet, Inlaid Natural Red Coral, Malachite, Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver


2 1/4" L x 1 3/4" W