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Inlaid Navajo Landscape Pin


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This young, award-winning artist uses a variety of metals and stones to tell narrative stories of her Navajo culture, in pictures you can happily wear.

Although she has a graduate degree in education and works as a teacher, she devotes her vacations to fabricating her unique jewelry.

She says, “The Navajo culture is a powerful part of my life and I want parts of it to always surface in my designs.”

And they do, in fresh and unique ways, as seen here.

She has cut, and seamlessly inlaid bits of sandstone into brushed sterling silver, to depict a tranquil and iconic scene of traditional life.

A couple of puffy clouds are up in the sky, on either side of an impressive rocky outcrop.

Below, some sheep graze peaceably amid tufts of desert plants, with the irregular shadows of the clouds, on the ground, in the near background.

The detail is impressive; ears, legs, and wooly fleece are carefully delineated in the inlaid sheep, and their sheep-like heads, too.

Each spike of the plants is clearly visible, and the mountainous outcropping looks three-dimensional, thanks to the clever use of a two-tone piece of stone.

The result is striking and contemporary, even though the subject is traditional and nostalgic.

Amelia’s love of nature shines through her work, as does her profound appreciation for Navajo culture – both, beautifully.

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Natural Sandstone, Sterling Silver


2 1/4" L x 1/4" W