Inlaid Natural Fox Turquoise Cuff


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Michael Garcia, Na Na Ping, is internationally renowned for his mix of exotic stones and colors, elegant contemporary design, and flawless workmanship.

Originally from Arizona, he married into Nambe Pueblo and was given the Tewa name of Na Na Ping by his wife’s grandfather.

Among his multitude of awards, he is the recipient of the Arlene Feddes fellowship award that recognizes excellence in Native American Art, offered by the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts.

He has consistently won first-place awards for his jewelry at the most prestigious shows throughout the United States, and abroad.

One look at this beautiful bracelet tells you all that, without words.

Fashioned from smoothly inlaid pieces of high-grade Natural Fox Turquoise, and accents of Natural Kingman Turquoise, this is no ordinary cuff.

The colors of the stones almost evoke a forest with a single patch of clear blue sky seen through a small gap in a canopy of foliage.

Na Na Ping is known for his mosaic inlay style, especially a chunkier version that he favors in his larger pieces, however, this inlaid pattern is slightly more uniform than normal, and though it is raised and not totally flush with the silver, the arrangement of high-grade stones allows for a more elegant appearance, somewhat muted, but quietly spectacular.

Minimalist in design, the exciting stones are all the ornamentation needed.

Contemporary, but using traditional techniques, this bracelet brings the past – and the geologic past – into this century with dazzling style and effect.

A statement piece that will surely become a cherished heirloom, even a museum piece, in the future.

For now, it is a wearable work of art.

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