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Inlaid Multi-Stone Hair Barrette


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If hair is a woman’s glory, and you have enough of it to need a barrette, then this glorious barrette will do your hair – or that of a special someone – justice.

With a well-deserved reputation as a major creator of this contemporary version of an ancient type of mosaic inlay, Charlene collaborates with her husband. She herself does the designing, cutting and inlaying – piece by tedious piece – by hand. Her husband does the final polishing and grinding of the shells and stones. She has won many prestigious awards since starting on her own in the 1980’s, and her work is happily worn all over the world.

This barrette is as stunning as her famous necklaces, bracelets and earrings, made with just as much attention to style and workmanship. It is inlaid on a curved piece of wood, with a commercial clip, so is very sturdy.

Obviously, with every color from white to black, and purple, reds, blues and greens in between, this will work with whatever you wear, and whatever your hair color. A one-piece wardrobe of distinctive hair jewelry, that will proclaim your savvy, distinctive style to the greater glory of your hair.

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Lapis, Apple Coral, Mother of Pearl, Shell, Spiny Oyster Shell, Turquoise, Wood




1 1/4"