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Inlaid Multi Colored Pendant


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Ken Romero enjoys an exalted reputation among peers and public. HIs intricate inlay of top-quality stones, in contemporary, dynamic designs is a hallmark of his style.This pendant is as bright and cheerful as a summer’s day, while retaining all the sophistication and cachet expected of his designs. HIs well-known “Pueblo village” style of inlay combines the various stones with a lot of diagonal movement. The supporting silverwork is simple, but complementary. A band of deep, rich blue lapis streaks across the center, below a graceful, barely curved, triangular piece of turquoise. A bit more turquoise, rods of deep red coral, and a little piece of shell round out the bottom. The edges are inlaid with pyrite-star-sprinkled lapis, turquoise, clamshell, turquoise and coral. ,p>Adroitly combining the curves and straight lines found throughout the pendant, the silver bezel is chiseled into a swirl of feathery lines. If you wish to hang this pendant from a collar or beads that won’t fit through the bail, just slide it off – there is a sturdy shepherd’s hook attached to the back of the piece. Graceful, colorful, elegant, and seemingly simple, this pendant is the work of a master who is so good he makes it look easy.

Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise, Natural Red Coral, Lapis, and Shell

3 1/8″ L (Total) 2 1/2″ L (Without Top Bail) x 1″ W