Inlaid Link Bracelet with Spinning Sunface

Don Dewa


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His work is a marvel of creative skill, flawlessly executed and vibrantly colorful.

As he brings the traditional past into the present, with innovative flair, there is no question that Don Dewa is a master, revered by his peers and enjoyed by his many collectors.

His signature motif is the reversible, spinning Sunface, which he invented, as seen in the center of this colorful, handsome bracelet.

It is his own innovation, and lots of fun to twirl, and/or to change the look.

Impeccably constructed, this silver bracelet has rounded, broad silver links joining the inlaid pieces. Each inlaid link is different, but with a certain symmetry in design.

At one end, silver channels separate smooth rectangles of deep blue lapis; at the other end, the same design separates delicate pink coral.

On either side of the center, a tapered form of silver holds diagonal channels and sky-blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise, with a matching design in inlaid red coral, at the other side.

The centerpiece is the Dewa specialty: a near-square of  inlaid, lustrous black jet, with a silver circle enclosing a traditional, inlaid Sunface.

The innovation is that the Sunface is cleverly fashioned to twirl sideways, revealing a trio of inlaid stones: turquoise and coral, divided by a stripe of black jet. Two sides; two looks!

The inlaid stones in all the links are set into scalloped silver bezels that are chunky enough to add sparkle and shine.

The last link on either end is a silver rectangle, framing an abstract, textured silver interior. A handmade silver claw clasp completes the piece.

Beautiful colors, excellently fabricated; a wonderful design, with a special twist, too.

Enjoy this special bracelet by a noted master of his art.


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