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Inlaid Lapis and Opal Cuff


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This lovely bracelet looks contemporary, but, believe it or not, this is an older piece that is unsigned, so we cannot credit the artist for his/her exemplary work.

Ergonomically shaped to follow the subtle curves of the wrist, the graceful shape is inlaid with gorgeous, natural lapis chunks of glowing, royal blue.

These stones are high quality, as well as remarkably beautiful; there are tiny sprinkles of gold pyrite matrix visible in several.

An opal square accents the deep hue of the lapis, with milky brightness, and glittering sparks of green.

Despite the quality of the design, the workmanship, and the stones, this bracelet still has its old price.

Beautifully fabricated, beautifully designed, with beautiful stones, this is a stupendous bargain, to boot!

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Natural Lapis, Natural Opal, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 1/4" + 1 1/4" Gap | 6 1/2" all around


3/8" W