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Inlaid Jet Circle Pendant


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Something old, and something new -but black and silver, not blue!

A contemporary circle pendant inlaid with strips of natural black jet.

Cutting stones is historic at Ke-Wa (formerly, Santo Domingo) Pueblo, but this form of this pendant and its inlaid design is as new as now.

Sized to support beads or heishi, or whatever, of up to 5/8-inch in diameter (and maybe even a smidge more) the sturdy silver ring is covered almost entirely with vertical strips of natural black jet.

The jet is inlaid with such precision, that the pendant looks seamless until you get really, really close.

With gleaming edges of polished silver, the combination of subdued, glossy black and shining silver is sophisticated, sleek, and classic.

To wear it, thread the beads, or whatever, through the pendant, from one open end to the other.

It will hang horizontally, for an innovative and chic look.

Handsome in looks, and beautiful in workmanship, this is a really different pendant that will accommodate a wide variety of necklaces, chains, ribbons, and collars.

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Inlaid Natural Jet, Sterling Silver


1" W, 7/8" Diameter