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Inlaid Green Dragonfly Bracelet


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Michael Garcia, Na Na Ping, is internationally renowned for expert manipulation of exotic stones and colors, and elegant contemporary design. Here, his signature dragonfly motif is combined with his favored chunk inlay to create a dazzling statement bracelet that is also tastefully understated. Natural Orvil Jack turquoise, one of the most coveted of Nevada-mined turquoise, is used in both the bracelet and the dragonfly.

The darkly moss-green is redolent of shaded river banks, where dragonflies flit and flutter over equally shadowy streams. Flecks of pale yellow-green and areas of dark forest-y green confer richness and interest to the turquoise. (Away from the bright lights of photography, the stones are darker than they appear in this photo.) The stones are cut into straight-edged chunks, set above the silver base. The adobe brickwork of Anasazi ruins was the inspiration for the arrangement of the stones.

The cuff is shaped like a meandering creek; tapered, and flowing in a graceful curve. Brilliantly polished silver borders add sparkle, as do the silver edges and eyes of the dragonfly itself.

Dragonflies are revered in southwestern Native culture as harbingers of rain; they “speak to the thunder and lightning”, and they hover over waterways. This gracefully formed dragonfly has a piece of dark purple sugilite at the end of his tail – an artful accent of complementary color that is almost unnoticed, but makes a difference.

The touches of gleaming silver in its eyes and body not only contrast to show up the unusual turquoise, but add a feeling of movement. Shifting reflections of light act as if the dragonfly actually was fluttering atop the water. Every detail of the design and workmanship is the result of masterful skill, talent, and experience.

The beautiful concept and exquisite creation are reasons that the artist is acclaimed all over the world for chic, elegant, contemporary jewelry – even though the inspiration for the design comes directly from his tribal traditions.

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Natural Orvil Jack Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 3/8"

Gap Size

1 1/8"

Wrist Size

6 1/2"