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Inlaid Goofy Necklace


Wonderful necklace featuring inlaid heads of Donald and Daisy Duck. Minnie and Mickey Mouse, with Goofy in center of handmade silver chain.

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Fun, fun, fun! And exceptionally skilled inlay work, too. A delightful necklace that features recognizable childhood favorites on a handmade, sterling silver chain.

Vibrant, cheerful, smile-inducing, and totally unique, this is a necklace that will attract loads of happy attention. Apart from the fun and smiles, the workmanship, skill, and artistry involved are impressive. Beautiful materials range from a variety of mother of pearl colors, to red coral, turquoise, and black jet – all natural.

Meticulously true to the originals, this is a brilliant work of the jeweler’s art. Notice how the inlay is both flush and raised, with light carving, where appropriate, and hair-thin filaments where needed.  Set into sterling silver, each individual pendant is a separate work of art.

The chain is also silver, and handmade. It is adjustable, to conform to different necklines; just attach the hook to any loop. No need for lots of description; the piece speaks of joy, artistry and beauty, all by itself.

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Coral, Jet, Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


21 1/2" Long, Goofy is 1 7/8" long x 1 3/8" wide, Other Pendants are 1 1/2" long x 1 1/4" wide