Inlaid Geometric Cuff


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Married artists, who collaborate on their award-winning jewelry, Ruddell does the silver work and Nancy does the exquisite inlay.

This bracelet is different from much of their work since it is strictly geometric, and not pictorial.

However, the vivid colors and stunningly perfect inlay work is a constant, for them.

Brilliant red coral, royal blue lapis, and bright blue turquoise are arranged in a series of impeccably cut and set shapes.

All the stones are natural, and hand-cut, of course.

The dazzlingly polished silver contrasts with and sets off, the deeply saturated, matte colors of the stones.

Triangular shapes, squares, and dots are composed in a satisfying, symmetrical pattern.

The chiseled edges of the cuff add just a touch of texture, emphasizing the smooth surface of the bracelet.

Classic, with gorgeous, traditional color, natural stones, and extraordinary workmanship, this is a timeless and wonderful bracelet.

Very wearable, it shines (literally and figuratively) on its own, and will stack beautifully with other cuffs, too.

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