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Inlaid Fossil Ivory Bolo


Inlaid bolo with inlaid tips:  Sterling silver with fossil walrus and mastodon ivory, sugilite, red coral, turquoise.

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A striking example of masterful inlay work, creating a modern look for a traditional piece, with ancient materials. Set into a gleaming sterling silver back, the main material in this elegantly casual bolo is fossilized ivory from the tusks of a pre-historic mastodon. The beautiful variations in warm hues and textures are all natural.

The patchwork arrangement of the ivory pieces, conforming to the unusual curved form of the silver, is interspersed with vividly colored turquoise, rich purple sugilite, and bits of red coral. All these materials are natural, as well. There are a few short streaks of polished silver channels, adding sparkle to the muted luster of the stones and ivory. Notice the inlaid line of turquoise at the top of the bolo and the red coral sphere, set high, at the bottom: Tiny touches that add immeasurably to the artistry of the piece.

Even the tips are unusually well designed and crafted. Flanged rims on short cylinders, each ending in a double-sided dangle of silver, inlaid with two different stones: fossil ivory and red coral on one; turquoise and sugilite on the other. The entire bolo is hand fabricated – even the figure-eight of silver that holds the hand-braided cord.

Unusual form, unusual material, and unusually creative in every way, this bolo is really a work of art, by an established, award-winning jeweler. Wear it with casual clothes; wear it with suits and even dinner jackets…. the compliments will follow wherever you wear it.

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Coral, Sugilite, Fossil Ivory, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


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