Inlaid Flowing Water Ring

Tommy Jackson


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Collectors all over the world clamor for Tommy Jackson jewelry, and this ring is a wonderful example of his appeal: Silky-smooth inlay – check. Visually alluring design – check. Beautiful finish to the silver as well as the stones – check.

With a long, sinuous form and broad, sturdy shank that has been lightly textured, the inlaid medley of turquoise colors suggests flowing water.

Inlaid in a pleasing pattern of squares and rectangles of varying sizes, the lovely stones are separated by hair-width silver channels.

The silver gives the collection of soft turquoise hues a bit of gleam, which is echoed in the surrounding, plain and polished silver bezel.

Contrasting with the glistening silver, the outer border is textured, so there is a suggestion of sky and water, surrounded by rocky land.

The wide shank is also textured, but more uniformly, with polished edges on the thick silver.

As well as visual drama, in the beautiful colors and unusual form and size, fine design and exacting workmanship add up to a marvelously different ring that makes a stunning statement.

Just what you’d expect from a Tommy Jackson piece!

P.S. Since the shank is so thick and broad, the ring may feel smaller than the measured size.

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