Inlaid Fashion Hoops


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Another traditional innovation from this top-award-winning jeweler.

That’s not an oxymoron; he innovates with colors and materials within traditional frameworks, as in these wonderful earrings.

These are hoops that go beyond the norm – that are fashion statements – but contain traditional materials and techniques.

Big, beautiful, but delicate, these silver slivers are inlaid with jet and mother of pearl.

The black and white combination is timelessly chic, the inlay work is, of course flawless (this is Tommy Jackson, after all), and the size makes the earrings special.

Luminous mother of pearl glistens in the light, like moonbeams, accented with the dense black of the jet.

Tiny channels of silver divide some of the little inlaid jet squares, with a couple left solid.

Hair-thin silver channels also separate the inlaid pieces of mother of pearl.

Silver is the base for the inlay, and the edges of the hoops glitter and gleam, contrasting with the soft luster of the mother of pearl, while the black jet adds an anchoring edge.

Lightweight to wear, despite their size, these earrings will raise casual, work, and dressy clothes to a new, seductively fashionable level.

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