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Inlaid Dragonfly Pin


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An especially gorgeous version of this renowned artist’s internationally famed dragonfly pin.

Perfect proportions, the finest materials, impeccable workmanship – no wonder these pins have become his signature.

This one is an elegant showstopper, perched anywhere, or even pinned to a silver collar, like Al Joe’s (see our Necklace page).

Highest quality, natural, deep royal purple sugilite is a stunning foil for the sterling silver base.

Polished silver glistens against the dense depths of the sugilite.

The minimal details are realistic; notice the gleaming silver eyes  and beautifully shaped wings.

With sublime stones, the inlay work matches them in quality.

The touch of natural, bright green gaspeite is brilliant, in every sense.

It beautifully complements the luxurious purple hue of the sugilite, which, in turn, brings out the vivid green of the gaspeite.

Formed in a subtle curve that adds to the grace of the piece, the shape of the pin itself suggests the darting flight of a dragonfly.

Aside from the natural beauty of the dragonfly’s form, it is a good luck symbol, since there is water wherever there are dragonflies.

With superb stones, artistically arranged, flawless workmanship, and happy symbolism, this dragonfly is fabulous.

Another magnificent and wearable piece by this top award-winning master jeweler.


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3 1/4" L x 2 7/8" W


Inlaid Natural Sugilite, Natural Gaspeite, Sterling Silver