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Inlaid Dangle Earrings


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In days gone by, Natives hung pretty, but crude bits of shells and stones from their ears. Nowadays, their Pueblo descendants have kept the tradition but vastly improved the refinement. These gracefully formed drops are a lovely example of this updated style.A mosaic pattern of natural red apple coral, turquoise, abalone shell, melon shell and jet complements dark green ricolite and serpentine, all on a backing of lustrous mother of pearl. Sterling silver cones top the earrings, elongated and tapered, like the inlaid dangles.Smooth and polished, these earrings are casual enough for tees, just as lovely at work, and will dance when you do. Beautiful workmanship, beautiful earrings.

Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Coral, Jet, Serpentine, Ricolite, Melon Shell, White Clam Shell

Dangle Length: 2 5/8″ Width: 3/8″ Type: