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Inlaid Dangle Earrings


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One of the most unique and exceptional jewelers we work with, Mary creates her own interpretation of the mosaic inlay work that is historically traditional in her Santo Domingo (now Ke-Wa) Pueblo.

She and her parents once worked with inlaying phonograph records, bits of old phones, etc, during the Great Depression.

Now, she is known for “painting” with natural stones.

Mary’s designs are unique, often abstract, and come from nature or her imagination, or a combination of both.

First, she sketches her idea, then she searches for the stones, shells, and other materials that will fit her concept.

Finally, she cuts and shapes them by hand, inlaying the pieces to complete her vision.

Free-form, and abstract, the boldly vibrant designs and colors are immediately recognizable as her truly unique work.

These earrings showcase a more subdued version of her artistic style.

Mary has expertly inlaid small, rectangular piece of various stones (turquoise, jasper, lepidolite, jet, serpentine, and spiny oyster shell just to name a few) onto a piece of jet, keeping the earrings both fanciful and light-weight.

A bright splash of color which is sure to complement almost any outfit, these are earrings you don’t want to miss out on!

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2 1/4"


Jasper, Jet, Lepidolite, Serpentine, Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver, Turquoise