Inlaid Coral Posts

Wes Willie


Inlaid red coral, lapis, and turquoise horizontal, rounded triangles of silver. Raised inlay.

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From welding pipelines to precision stone-cutting – bringing high skill to high artistry – that’s the path this artist has taken.


Since impressing Indian art show judges for the first time, in 1993, Wes has become famous for his distinctive, colorful and three-dimensional designs. Working only with the finest natural stones, he cuts and sets them in gorgeous, award-winning combinations.


An array of the highest quality, natural red coral is complemented by touches of deep blue lapis, and vibrant turquoise – all natural stones, of course. The superb stones are set high: the vivid coral forming smooth bands of color, and the lapis and turquoise set at slight angles, above. Silver channels separate some of the stones, so glint and gleam appear all through the earrings.


The rounded shield shape is flattering, and the colors are glorious. A stunning pair of elegant, yet not formal, supremely wearable earrings by this master of fine stones, brilliant color and exacting technique.


There is a matching pendant, elsewhere on this site. Separate or together, a brilliant match!

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