Inlaid Coral and Lapis Ring

Richard Begay


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Throughout his art classes in school, Richard Begay always wanted to create the perfect shape. His first career, however, took him into the Forest Industry. He soon realized that he wanted to follow the yearnings of his heart and create beautiful jewelry.

He borrowed jewelry tools from his father-in-law and set to work, learning the demanding craft of silversmithing. Richard was immediately drawn to the intricate inlay work, for which he is known. As he perfected his craft, Richard explored different techniques of inlaying. He was always searching for the best way, the most beautiful setting, the perfect harmony of material and craft.

Though Richard is no longer with us, his beautiful work lives on in many collections, including ours.

This exceptional ring, inlaid with a gorgeous combination of red and pink Coral, Lapis, and Jet, is a great example of a lesser-known style of Richard’s.

He bisected the inlaid stones with sterling silver lines, allowing for just enough space in between to feature each stone. Stones that aren’t surrounded by silver are separated by thinly-cut Jet, allowing for a different type of contrast.

This is the work of a master of inlay, and we’re so happy to share it with you!

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